A Taste of Naughtiness

Me and 3 of my best girls had a long overdue girls night the other week. You know the type, face masks, nails, trashy films, trashy TV, and gossiping. And food.

The best thing about a girly sleepover is that calories do not count and as we had it on a Sunday they do not count double. With this in mind I decided to make slutty brownies. I’ve made these a few times before but always with ready-made cookie dough and brownie mix. That Sunday morning I had both the time and the ingredients to do them from scratch. Continue reading


A New Start

I’ve decided to embark on a new eating plan; I am trying to avoid saying diet because I have a habit of being really good at diets until I get bored, which happens anywhere between 6 days and 6 months.  My problem is I have an addiction to food porn. I blame Nigella Lawson, my god the food that woman insists I make, is divine! I can’t just look, I have to touch and taste and smell and before I know it I’ve made a vat of sweet and salty chocolate bars and I’m halfway through – they aren’t known as Crack for nothing! Continue reading