Just flew in from the Windy City!


It is my new aim in life to sing location based musical songs in said location and I’ve successfully started by belting out the Windy City whilst driving down the I-94!

I always thought my heart would belong to NYC but Chicago has definitely made my eye wander, not least because Chicago is basically a little New York with a beach! There was an huge amount to see and do and despite non-stop walking around with our eyes pointed up to take in those beautiful skyscrapers I already know I’ll need to go back to really appreciate the Second City.

5 things I learned whilst in Chi-town

Architecture is rather amazing – I always thought being an architect and an interest in architecture was strictly for people in films. The job the hero has in a RomCom  but no one in actual real life has ever met nor has much interest in. Turns out architecture is sort of amazing I now know my modern from my post modern as well as my art deco from my neo gothic. I also now know that in Chicago sky rights are a tetchy subject, that marble is not a wise building material and W-I-L-L-I-S is pronounced Sears.

Pizza is serious business – You must eat the deep dish. Even if you think pizza isn’t your thing, even if you like your crusts paper thin, you must try the deep dish and you will realise that you were wrong. And that’s ok.

The love of sports is infectious – Whilst on my trip the local NHL team the Chicago Blackhawks qualified for the Stanley Cup (I have learned this is a big deal) the day of the first game of the final the city swapped the Chicago city flags for Blackhawks flags. Almost everyone I saw that day wore some sort of Blackhawks paraphernalia with pride and it was a form of uniting everyone. The pride in the local team was infectious and though I am now back on UK soil I found myself falling asleep in front of game two in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Going clothes shopping the day before you come home is not a good idea – I suppose the pizza, burgers, beer, cocktails, fro-yo, ribs, nachos, wings, french toast and waffles were bound to catch up on on me eventually! #noregrets

The average American overestimates the royal access of the average Brit – I got told at least once a day how much people loved my accent, I was also frequently asked about Princess Charlotte and how she was getting on.


Bonus lesson – Boyfriends can – and will – ruin your panoramic pictures!


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