Chocolate & Summer Fruit Gateau

My sisters boyfriend is a great lover of very specific cake. He likes his cakes moist and fears a dry cake like no other.To ensure his 21st birthday cake was as perfect a cake as could be I decided to make him a gateau style cake – I don’t call it a proper gateau because a) it isn’t a gateau recipe just a cake one I’ve played around with and b) I didn’t soak the sponges which I believe to be the rule of gateau.

Getting Started

The sponges were made by doubling the Hummingbird Bakery’s Cake Day’s chocolate cupcake recipe. This made enough for 3 nine inch round cakes and 15 large cupcakes.

CakesFor the icing I whipped up 600ml double cream and 2 tbsp icing sugar to sturdy peaks – not quite stiff – and folded sliced up strawberries and crushed raspberries into half. I used the berry cream to sandwich together the layers and the plain to top the cupcakes (then dusted with cocoa powder) and on top of the cake that was then decorated with strawberries and raspberries.

Icing and Layering

The 3 mile drive proved a bit wobbly and the cake was not the beauty pageant winner it once was when arriving at the birthday boys house but it tasted brilliant – or so I hear the cake and cupcakes were all gone within half an hour and I didn’t get to taste it!

Birthday Boy




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