Let’s Try This Again …

It has been brought to my attention that I may have been a bit naive in what I wrote yesterday.

Whilst I am still fully behind the sentiment of what I wrote and the idea is a good one – I am a woman therefore I only have good ideas you see – I was so anxious to latch myself onto a January self improvement project that I took an easy option.

Glamour is a magazine I stopped subscribing to because I found their particular brand of hypocrisy too unpalatable to ignore. It is ironic that I chose to follow a glossy magazine’s tips on how to be happy as I stopped buying glossy magazines because they made me unhappy; they made me feel as though I was failing at life, I was too fat, too poor and I didn’t fit into their view of beauty.

On my list of 100 things that make ME happy number one is Not Buying Glossy Magazines; it saves me money, I feel better about myself and – I find myself feeling slightly ashamed as I type this – I trust my own opinions more. Glossy magazines, to me, were a a bit like a guidebook to what was cool. As the girl who spent most of her secondary school years in the library, I admit in my early twenties I felt the need for instruction in what was cool. Now at the grand old age of 25 I have realised I am not cool. Does anyone even say cool anymore? I am in fact just a girl who likes nothing more than balancing a box of malteasers on my boobs whilst I read historical fiction and fantasise about being best mates with Anne Boleyn or being curled up on a sofa with my boyfriend, a tub of ice cream and a box set. Not cool, but really rather lovely and nice.

Yesterday I fixed my post box. By myself. That made me really happy! Its been broken for a while thanks to an over zealous postman and I have been meaning to ask my dad or my boyfriend to have a look at it (manly men who fix things grrr) but kept forgetting. Yesterday when I got home from work the sight of it really annoyed me, so I spent 10 minutes fiddling with it, occasionally hitting it and eventually I fixed it. It was just a little thing but that little buzz from fixing something gave me a feeling of achievement that made me happy.

I will continue on my personal happiness project but instead of taking instruction from a magazine I think I’ll share the things that make me happy and try and find happiness in more of the little things that I am sure I take for granted all too often.


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