The Happiness Project

Firstly let me start by saying I am not unhappy. I am actually happier than I can ever remember being thanks to the Best Christmas Ever.

My reason for embarking on the happiness project is because it is all too easy to forget to be happy and grateful for the little things, it is so easy to moan about things, especially things that don’t seem fair. It is easy to curl up into a poor me bubble and lament about all the things that aren’t fair. It isn’t fair that I’m 300 miles away from my boyfriend 75% of the time, it isn’t fair that I can’t eat whatever I want and not get fat and it is definitely not fair I can’t be a chocolate taster/style icon who is also a ninja. And Nicole Scherzinger.


Well life isn’t fair and I guess we’re all just muddling through trying to make the best of it and look like we know what we’re doing, some of us better at it than others. We don’t have a manual for life, though some people have given writing one a damn good try.
Glamour has put together a list of 100 things to make you happy and I pledge that between now and the 31st December 2013 I am going to do them all. Every single one.
So, in the interest of easing oneself in gently, I’ll kick this off with an easy one.

23. Unsubscribe from that email that has been annoying you.

Easy enough and I actually do feel better, I get so many emails where I just press delete. I don’t want these emails, I don’t read these emails, and now the mild irritation I get when my phones flashes up and tells me that I have an email from something that isn’t fun or necessary, is no more.

I feel like that sort of happiness I get from washing the dishes. It sort of needs to be done and it seems a bit pointless, but when it’s done you’re all “oh, that was easy I should’ve done that earlier”. So I am glad I did that, and I am already working on 77. Create a power playlist


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