Christmas Boxes

Every year I get a Christmas box rather than a stocking, normally filled with amazing girly things that my mum has picked out that are perfect for me. My Christmas box is normally my favourite present because it is so beautifully personal.This year I have decided to have a go at making my own Christmas boxes. They won’t be in the same league as my mums, but I’m taking the idea of something personal and sweet that I can put together to house those lovely girly gifts that are so bloody difficult to wrap!

After discovering that the ready-made boxes cost roughly a fiver each for something sturdy and attractive, and the reasoning behind the boxes being to make something pretty and personal but thrifty I have decided to keep my money and get creative. I love making things that are personal and after making my boxes I’ve found that not only are these boxes super easy and cheap to make they look beautiful (if I do say so myself)

To recreate my boxes you will need:
Plain boxes – mine are white and from eBay
Diamantes (hot fix or glue on)
Decorations (glitter, ribbon, etc)


1. Trace faintly with a pencil the first letter of the name you’re putting on the box. I make mine big and italic but not too detailed.


2. Using different sized gems cover the letter in your diamantes. I use my Kandy Kane but you can glue on or arrange the gems cover with a tea towel and hold a hot iron on hot fix gems for a few moments to melt the glue.



3. Write the rest of the name in pretty writing (if you have that skill) or use stickers like me! In this case I realised I had run out of matching “R” stickers, unable to bring myself to mix up upper and lower case letters I have opted to bedazzle the “R”. If anyone asks this was definitely my choice and not a panicked solution.


4. Decorate the rest of your box to your taste. I am a girl who loves sparkle so I have added more diamantes, ribbon and sparkly snowflakes.


These are very easy to make and so much cheaper than the ones I’ve seen in shops, also means you get to personalise them for your friends and family which is something I think everyone likes.



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