A Taste of Naughtiness

Me and 3 of my best girls had a long overdue girls night the other week. You know the type, face masks, nails, trashy films, trashy TV, and gossiping. And food.

The best thing about a girly sleepover is that calories do not count and as we had it on a Sunday they do not count double. With this in mind I decided to make slutty brownies. I’ve made these a few times before but always with ready-made cookie dough and brownie mix. That Sunday morning I had both the time and the ingredients to do them from scratch.

If you want to make these any cookie dough/brownie hybrid will work and the ready-made mix ones are great and are done in 30 minutes. I did mine from scratch versions because I had the time/am a shameless show off. My only instruction for making these is to use baking paper or foil; it just makes the getting them out and cleaning up after bit so much easier.

For my cookie dough I bastardized a Nigella Lawson recipe and threw in white chocolate chips and dark chocolate chunks to up the chocolate chippiness – FYI Best.Idea.EVER.

The dough looks amazing in a “if I was sad I would sit on my sofa and eat this” sort of way, in reality I only ate a tiny bit to confirm that it is the ultimate cookie dough. After squidging (technical term) the cookie dough into a brownie pan I put oreos on top of them. I used regular ones because it’s all I could find but double stuffed, peanut butter, double chocolate, I imagine a switch to any of these can only enhance the naughtiness of these brownies.

Next I made the second best brownies in the world, another Nigella recipe (I heart Nigella Lawson, she taught me to enjoy food and as far as I am concerned she can do no wrong) they’re very chocolatey and incredibly nice and unlike the best brownies in the world (also a Nigella recipe) they’re relatively cheap to make, as its just bog standard chocolate bars rather than anything specifying cocoa solids. It’s a bung everything in a pan and melt it recipe and as lame as it sounds I adore the glossiness.
I wish my hair would shine like that.
Pour it all over the cookie dough and oreos and then bake in the oven at around 200 for 25-30 minutes, the brownie is meant to be slightly cracked on top but with a visible wibble.

Once baked, cool slightly in the pan but cut them while they’re still warm.

Eat as many as you can on Sunday before farming them out to colleagues, neighbours and people who need to have a bit more naughtiness in their lives.


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