Strawberry Sensation?

I know it has been said by dozens of people hundreds of times but food shopping when you’re hungry really is the worst possible thing.I only popped into the supermarket to get some yoghurt and continue my search for measuring cups when suddenly I was over taken with the ridiculous need to eat EVERYTHING. I grabbed what I thought would be a healthy snack – yoghurt coated blueberry pieces – and scarfed them down sorting the hunger pains and feeling smug at my healthy snack. Then I checked their calorie content. There is 4.6g fat in a teeny 25g bag and 120 calories. There are chocolate bars that are far more filling and satisfying with less calorie content (day 5 of the no chocolate challenge and still going strong). Yoghurt coated raisins and peanuts were always something I loved as a kid and I really thought they were healthy but as the “yoghurt” used to coat them is more of a cream cheese and they taste wonderfully creamy it was maybe a bit naive of me to think I was eating really well.

I came across this recipe on Pinterest (where else) and they are really easy to make. Unlike a lot of the recipes for yoghurt coated whatevers these aren’t made using the “turn the yoghurt into cheese” method, this is a straight up dip ‘n’ freeze. Taste wise I think it depends on your ingredients I had some pretty lovely strawberries (woo Britain!) but when it comes to fat free yoghurt I found the supermarket shelves a bit limiting there is: Natural, vanilla, Greek or strawberry. I’ve used Greek as it is the thickest, I hear that you can get Greek vanilla yoghurt in some wonderful places and I think that would make these really good.

They are ok, they taste exactly how you would expect strawberries dipped in Greek yoghurt to taste which is admittedly a bit tart. They are not like the yoghurt coated whatsits you’d buy in a shop and could do with being a bit sweeter. This is a recipe I think I will experiment with as I think you could get the yoghurt a bit sweeter (honey? agave nectar?) it would make quite a nice snack.


150g Strawberries – Halved or whole

80g Fat Free Yoghurt

Wash and hull Strawberries.

  1. Coat with fat free yoghurt any way you can. I tried dipping, I coated with a spoon, I spread with a knife as you can see mine still failed to look anything like the picture, if you figure out a good method for the dipping please let me know!
  2. Place yoghurt covered strawberries on baking paper on a baking tray and freeze.
  3. Once set let the strawberries thaw a little before eating however don’t let them thaw as they’ll turn to mush!

Serves 2

Calories: 45, Carbs: 7g, Fat: 0g, Protein: 4g

A quick question

Why is it that 3 chicken breasts from the supermarket were £5.50 but for £5.00 I could have got a family size pizza and a pint tub of haagen daaz?


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