Spinach for Breakfast

Day two of no chocolate means my normal breakfast -when I bother to eat any at all- of toast with nutella is a no no.

I am one of those people who skip breakfast in the week, I would much rather have the extra 10 minutes buried in my duvet, than absent mindedly starting at the cupboards in my kitchen, willing food to appear. I’ve always envied those people who are able to achieve things with breakfast in the morning with eggs and bananas and effort. Breakfast food is not my friend, but eating some sugar packed, low fat “health” bar at 10am every day is doing my brain and body no favours. I know people preach about breakfast being important and I get that it is, it’s just that mornings are so hard. Smoothies however are not hard, you can do the prep stuff the night before and pressing “on” on a blender is something even I can manage pre 8am.

So I venture back to pinterest in the search of a healthy, start the day smoothie. Once again it comes up tops and I am going to give a few a go but this morning I went for the Green Spinach Monster Smoothie as the person who pinned it said it tasted amazing, like some gorgeous sort of milkshake…even though its spinach and the picture basically showed what looked liked pureed frog.  I got the recipe from this lovely blog and bought my ingredients.

This is what the ladies smoothies looked like

Here is mine, even with the help of instagram it’s not quite as impressive as hers but hey ho bottoms up!

Oh my. This is really nice, like really nice and really filling! I am typing this up at lunch time and haven’t been hit by any of my normal hunger cravings. I strongly recommend you give this a try, … I promise you this is lovely. Not one of those “lovely for a spinach smoothie” or “lovely for something that looks like the exorcist girl vommed it up”, it is just really nice and made me feel pretty damn pleased with myself, it’s not every day you have a load of spinach for breakfast!.

Now, because I am in beautiful blighty and a lot of the recipes I’ve been experimenting with are US ones that use cup measurements  I am going to invest in some measuring cups, but I’ll post the gram equivalent, once I’ve worked it out because I think this smoothie is definitely worth drinking. I used skimmed milk as it’s what I had, and it tasted really nice and creamy, that’ll be the greek yoghurt! I still have some of this left over in the fridge at home so it will also double up as my after work snack.

As an aside I am really big believer in getting at least 5 fruits and veg in a day (we should all really be aiming for 7) and I reckon with the banana, you are getting 3 in this smoothie alone!


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