A New Start

I’ve decided to embark on a new eating plan; I am trying to avoid saying diet because I have a habit of being really good at diets until I get bored, which happens anywhere between 6 days and 6 months.  My problem is I have an addiction to food porn. I blame Nigella Lawson, my god the food that woman insists I make, is divine! I can’t just look, I have to touch and taste and smell and before I know it I’ve made a vat of sweet and salty chocolate bars and I’m halfway through – they aren’t known as Crack for nothing!Now apparently healthy food porn exists, so with the help of pinterest (normally used by me for laughing at Disney memes and repining Dr Seuss quotes) I discovered the health and fitness category and oh lord food porn in its healthiest format exists! Seriously, if you are considering a health and fitness shake up or are already on one and you’re lacking inspiration you will find it on these pages I promise! Looking at the food, the bodies and the transformations got me thinking it would be nice to go back to having an hourglass figure rather than one that’s sort of a blob with a loose elastic band somewhere in the middle. I really do want to change the way I see food and how I treat food.

Firstly, I want you to know I love food. It is a beautiful thing that sustains me and is also delicious, my issue is eating too much of the wrong food.

Especially my beloved chocolate, white or milk, galaxy will do but my god if I am left alone with a bar of lindtt its game over. Obviously having these deep and meaningful feelings for fat, sugar and milk is getting a bit much, so for the next 28 days I will abstain from chocolate. I saw an advert that said, if a smoker gets past the first 28 days without a cigarette they are more likely to quit permanently, I will apply this logic to chocolate. Maybe I will become one of those people who will be able to enjoy chocolate socially, maybe  I will forever have to give up as I can’t just have one and before I know it I’m at the newsagents buying a family sized galaxy and chomping my way through it in the shops doorway . We shan’t know until the abstaining bits done.

Secondly, there is a chance I will fuck up, I am horribly lazy. I like sitting and activities that involve sleep and sitting. The thing with fucking up is you can always try again.

Thirdly, I will write in here. It won’t just be about food, diet, beauty and exercise as I am in all honesty horribly guilty of just going off on one so, it may not always make sense and will most likely be my thoughts on everything and anything with the occasional recipe thrown in for good measure 😉


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